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Our Doctors
 Dr. Fawaz Amin Saad
 Dr. Huda J. Al Mohammad
 Dr. Zafer A. Esmandar
 Dr. Effat Elias Maamari
 Dr. Ghassan Zein-Addeen
 Dr. Abeer El. Sayad
 Dr. Aml M. Erhuma
 Dr. Muhamed Khaled
 Dr. Ahmad Al-Zoubi
 Dr. George Shalhoub
 Dr. Samer Rahhal
 Dr. Ahmed Bin Ali
 Dr. Abdulbasit Almasalmeh
 Dr. Marwa Amin Saad
 Dr. Rami Yacoub
 Dr. Maria Colavita
 Dr. Zena AlJammal
 Dr. Ayman Soliman
 Dr. Ihab Ibrahim
 Dr. Hassan Abdstar
 Dr. Alissar Jalal






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Al-Hayat Medical Center
Al-Waab street
Doha, Qatar.
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Welcome to Al-Hayat Medical Center
Welcome Message

On behalf of our medical and nursing staff, I want to welcome you to our website. I understand how challenging making the

best health care choices for you and your family can be and we thank you for choosing Al-Hayat Medical Center. Read more

Our Vision "To be the Best Medical Center in Qatar"

Our Vision is to be a world-class healthcare service provider that help patients achieve their goals. We will accomplish our Vision through our commitment to strategic growth and outstanding services. Read more

Al-Hayat Medical Center has recently got the "ISO Certification".

Al-Hayat Medical Center pleased to announce that we have achieved the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) 9001:2008 certification from the Joint Accreditation


System of Australia and New Zealand.

The ISO 9001:2008 certification demonstrates our commitment to outstanding care and services which we provide to our patients.

We intend to work hard to maintain this certification and endeavor to achieve further accreditations.

We accept insurance from the following Insurance companies:

Latest technology: SPECTRA VRM III

Laser Toning by Spectra VRM-III' is an advanced treatment that takes advantage of the flexibility of the Spectra VRM II Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser to penetrate and target melanin in the deep dermis making it ideal for dermal and mixed types of melasma. It's a simple, effective treatment with high patient satisfaction. Read more

Laser therapy and Laser hair removal

Laser therapy and Laser hair removal is now available in our dermatology clinic. Dr. Effat Maamari is currently using GentleMax, the latest laser machine from CANDELA, to treat patients with hirsutism, wrinkles and capillary veins. Read more

Your smile is important. It's one of the first things you notice when you meet someone. A whiter, brighter smile is beautiful - it can help you feel better about yourself and make a memorable impression. Take a first step to feeling good, looking great. You owe it to yourself! Read more

Zoom Whitening

Laboratory Services Started.

We are extremely happy to announce the opening of Laboratory Services in our Center.

The state of the art multi-purpose laboratory has now been established and is equipped with a range of modern and fully automated

analytical instruments which ensure accurate and fast results. Read more

Al-Hayat Branch Location Map...


30% Discount on LPG & Huber Motion Lab...

Hurry up and grab the opportunity... We offer 30% discount on LPG and Huber Motion Lab services, if you do it together.

SORISA,BELEX-08 Excellens...

Our Dermatology department is now equiped with the latest technology SORISA, BELEX-08 Excellens, Complete facial electro-cosmetic equipment.

It can cater for any facial treatment you wish: from skin cleansing and hygiene or exfoliation, to specific moisturising, revitalising, anti-wrinkle, refirming, antiseborrhoeic, anti-acne, desensitising, etc. and always with the utmost safety.

Our Timings...(Except Thursday)





8 A.M

10 P.M


9 A.M

1 P.M

5 P.M

9 P.M

Int. Medicine

9 A.M

1 P.M

5 P.M

9 P.M


9 A.M

1 P.M

5 P.M

9 P.M


9 A.M

1 P.M

4 P.M

9 P.M


9 A.M

1 P.M

4 P.M

9 P.M


8 A.M

10 P.M


8 A.M

10 P.M


9 A.M

9 P.M

Radiology & X-Ray

9 A.M

9 P.M


8 A.M

10 P.M

Thursday 8 A.M to 5 P.M (All Departments)

Requirement for Doctors in all Specialization...

Doctors in all specialty are required. Joining date will be 1st Jan 2017.

New Ophthalmology Clinic Started...

It is our pleasure to announce the starting of our Ophthalmology Clinic headed by Consultant Ophthalmologist Dr. Ayman Mahmoud Soliman at our center.

He has vast experience in his speciality.
Read more

Urologist Next Visit...

Urologist Dr. Maria Colavita, will see patients from 2016 September 15th to 27 at Al-Hayat Medical Center Branch. Read more

Helicobacter Pylori Testing...

It is our pleasure to announce the availability of the new German made machine (FANhp) for 13c-Urea Breathing Test (UBT) which help for easy, fast and reliable detection of Helicobacter Pylori.


Dr.Ihab, Dr.Rami & Dr.Zena are moved to our branch...

Following doctors are moved to our branch located behind the main center.


New Urology Clinic Started...

It is our pleasure to announce the starting of our second Urology Clinic headed by Consultant Urologist Dr. Ihab Ibrahim at our center.

He brings along with him more than 20 years of experience.
Read more

New Doctors Joined Us...

We are happy to announce the joining of new doctors to our center.

Dr. Hassan Abdstar Khabbazeh - Pediatitric Consultant and Dr. Alissar Jalal Kheirbeik - Obstetrics/Gynecology Consultant started working at our center from 17th April 2016.

Both doctors have vast experience in their speciality.

Urgently required Ophthalmologist...

We have an urgent opening for a Specialist Ophthalmologist Doctor.

Qatar SCH license holder will be preferred.

You may send your CV at: hr@alhayatmedicalcenter.com.qa

The Non-Surgical Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Solution...

Petite Lady is a non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation treatment using Action II laser. This gentle treatment tightens the vaginal tissues, remodels collagen and rejuvenates the vulva to revive the sensations and revitalize the tissues of the vagina.

Petite Lady treatment is an effective solution to treat a wide range of gynecological indications caused by post-delivery alterations and ageing in a convenient and safe way.

Watch Video

Cervical Cancer Vaccine Available:
We are really proud to announce the availability of CERVARIX (Cervical Cancer Vaccine) in our Center. We are the first private Medical Center in Qatar which offer this service. Read more


Dr.Fawaz article in Babyshop magazine regarding Do's & Dont's during pregnancy...

Dr.Fawaz advices regarding the prenatal do's and dont's in his article published in Babyshop Arabia magazine.

Zoom Zoom

Al Hayat Medical Centre has become the first polyclinic in Qatar to join the national health insurance scheme (NHIS)...

We are really proud to announce that, effective from 9th of February 2014, we have become the first polyclinic in Qatar to join the national health insurance scheme (NHIS). Phase I of (NHIS) is open to Qatari women aged 12 and above for maternity, obstetrics, gynecology and Assisted reproductive technology (ART).

We have six gynecology clinics at our center and this is the highest number of such clinics in a medical center in Qatar. Read more

See on newspaper's web site See on newspaper's web site See on newspaper's web site See on newspaper's web site See on newspaper's web site
Download PDF page Download PDF page Download PDF page Download PDF page Download PDF page

"HUBER MOTION LAB" the 21st Century Technological Innovation in the world of Fitness...

We are really happy to announce the inclusion of LPG, Cellu M6 Integral high-precision body and face treatment machine in our Physiotherapy Department. Read more


"HUBER MOTION LAB" the 21st Century Technological Innovation in the world of Fitness...

We are extremely happy to announce that our Physiotherapy department is now equipped with the latest technology HUBER Motion Lab machine.

This machine is exceptional for improving coordination and strength control. Its purpose is to involve and combine concentration, balance, movement and posture in the development of the muscular chains.

HUBER is designed for Health application, Beauty application and Sport application. Read more

3D/4D Ultrasound
Read More

 More information about LPG Cellu M6  Read More about Ellman
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